The Crew at Jungmeyer & Suresh

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name: Jenna Sager

Position: Hygienist

With J&S Since: 12/8/2014           

Education:  Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Degrees and Commendations:  Bachelors in Applied Science – 2011 graduated Excellence in Dental Hygiene Award by Johnson & Johnson


Bio: Jenna was born and raised in central Illinois and has lived in KC since 2011.  Jenna and her Husband welcomed their first child in June 2016.  Jenna enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with family and friends. 

Why you love Dentistry:  “I love helping people feel better about their teeth and teaching them the relationship between oral health and overall health.  Most of all, I enjoy the relationships with patients and helping them change their opinions of dentistry.”

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name: Amber Potter
Position: Hygienist 
With J&S Since: 6/2011    
Education:  State Fair Community College
Degrees and Commendations:  Associate of applied Science in Dental Hygiene 
Bio: Amber was born and raised in Lexington, MO and graduated from Lexington High School. She is married with two children and two dogs. While attending college, worked for a dentist as a receptionist/dental assistant.  After assisting for five years, she decided to pursue a career in dental hygiene.  She worked previously for Dr. Suresh in the past, and introduced him to Dr. Jungmeyer. Amber enjoys spending time with her family.     
Why you love Dentistry:  “I love being able to help people feel better about their smile.  I love building trusting, long term relationships with my patients.  My patients are one of the reasons I love my job.  Oh!  And the people I get to work with everyday.”   

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name:  Laura Abate

Position:  Hygiene Coordinator

With J&S Since:  2/2016 

Bio:  Laura is originally from Florida.  She hase two children, 8 and 4 years old and enjoys spending time with family and friends. 

Why you love Dentistry:   “I love to see patients happy and smile.” 

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name: Jessica Ainsworth

Position: Dental Assistant

With J&S Since:  7/2015

Education: Concorde Career College

Degrees and Commendations: Dental Assistant Degree

Bio:  Jessica was born and raised in Kansas City, MO and currently resides in Lee’s Summit with her husband, step daughter, and puppy Estes.  In her spare time, she loves being at the lake or just about any sporting event. Jessica recently took a whirlwind tour around Europe for her honeymoon. 

When you love Dentistry:  “I love being able to interact with new people every day.  Being an assistant to hygiene keeps me moving constantly, so I’m never sitting still.”   

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name:  Tierany Tobiasz

Position: Insurance Specialist

With J&S Since: 5/2016

Education: UMKC

Degrees and Commendations: Working on my chemistry major with a minor in public health and entrepreneurship

Bio:  Tierany was born and raised in Iberia, MO. She moved to Lee’s Summit about 3 years ago to start school at UMKC where she is working on her Chemistry degree.

When you love Dentistry: “Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for teeth.  I knew that when I grew up I wanted to be in the dental field.  I have always loved to see people smile and brighten their day.   I hope to give someone the confidence they need to do just that.  I am currently working on my Bachelors in chemistry and will soon apply to Dental Hygiene School.” 

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name: Amie Cortinas

Position:  EFDA, CDA (OSHA Coordinator)

With J&S Since:  1/2014

Education:  Graduate Lee’s Summit High School, Longview Community College, Concorde

Degree & License:  Expanded Function Certified with Missouri Permits in : restorative I, Removable Prostho, Fixed Prostho CDA

Training: Advanced First Aid, Blood-Borne Pathogens, CPR, AED, Basic Orthodontics, N20, Zoom Whitening, OSHA

Experience: General Dentistry, Pedodontics, Oral Surgery, Endodontics

Bio:  Amie has lived in Lee’s Summit area since the age of 5, and graduated from Lee’s Summit High School.  She is married with two children, a teenage boy and teenage girl.  They keep her very busy with football, wrestling, baseball, and show choir.  Amie is very active in her church and community, helping the less fortunate is very important to her.  Amie loves to scrapbook, sew and do anything crafty. Above everything, her family is where her true joy is found. 

Why do you love Dentistry:  “I love the one on one approach that dentistry allows.  Because of this approach, it is very easy to make fast friends that can last a lifetime.  I enjoy being there for patients at a time when a listening ear, comforting words, a hand to hold, or even a shoulder to cry on is needed and appreciated.  I love that in dentistry you can give people their smile back and can even help to change their whole persona in how they greet the world.  I can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend my days, and I’m lucky enough to get to do it for a job.  The quote “if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life” very much describes my love of dentistry.” 

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name: Julie Shultz

Position: Lead Assistant

With J&S Since: 6/2001

Education:  Attended Emporia State, Cheerleader

Degrees and Commendations: CDA, EFDA, CPR

Bio: Julie is from Emporia Kansas, married with one daughter, Avery.  I enjoy spending time with family, traveling, and spending my summers at the lake. Julie has been with Dr. Jungmeyer from her earliest days and has been an integral part of the team for over 15 years. Julie loves spending time at the lake with her family and loves her Kansas City Royals.

Why you love Dentistry:  “I enjoy interacting with people every day.  I love to help people feel better about themselves.  I am a huge people person.” 

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name: Kaitlin Nash

Position: Dental Assistant

With J&S Since:  9/2014

Education:  Concorde Career College

Bio:  Kaitlin is from Lee’s Summit married with three stepchildren  and has a puppy named Bianca.  She is very outgoing and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  Kaitlin also enjoys spending time at Lake of the Ozarks. 

Why you Love Dentistry:  “One of the things I enjoy the most about dentistry is to see how changing a patient’s smile transforms their lives.”

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name:  Arika Uselton

Position: RDH

With J&S Since: 10/2014

Education: Concorde Career College

Degrees and Commendations:  Associates of Applied Sciences

Bio:  Arika Grew up on a farm in Strasburg.  She started in dentistry in 2007 as a dental assistant and assisted for 6 years before going back to school for dental hygiene.  She has 2 children and loves to be outside.  Arika loves riding horses and barrel racing! 

Why you love Dentistry:  “Interpersonal contact with patients and helping improve overall oral health is the best part to me of being a dental hygienist.  It is important that my patient is comfortable with my presence at chair side.” 

Family Dentistry Jungmeyer & Suresh Lee's Summit, MO

Name:  Melissa Baitz

Position: Assistant / Admin

With J&S Since:  Many Years

Education: UMKC

Degrees and Commendations:  Bachelor's Degree, and currently in the School of Dentistry Hygiene Program

Bio:  Melissa has been a patient here since she was a young child. She has filled many roles over the years and has been an important member of the team. Melissa is currently in school at UMKC Hygiene to fulfill her dream of becoming a dental hygienist!




Name:  Cindy Pham

Position: RDH

With J&S Since:  June 1, 2016

Education: Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene (BSDH)

Degrees and Commendations:  Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Joplin High School in 2011. University of Missouri- Kansas City for undergrad starting August 2011. Started in the UMKC School of Dentistry, Division of Dental Hygiene in August 2014. Graduated from UMKC School of Dentistry Hygiene program in May 2016.

Bio:  Cindy lived in Joplin, MO for 17 years. Her parents were born and raised in Vietnam, and came to the U.S. in 1992. She is the first member of the family to graduate high school and college. She has two younger siblings, one sister and one brother. Cindy is Bilingual in Vietnamese and English. She Moved to Kansas City, MO in 2011. Cindy is an Alpha Delta Pi Alum of the Delta Phi chapter at UMKC. Within the four years as an active member, she held positions as the Spirit Chair, Bid Day Chair and Leadership Chair. While in the UMKC Dental Hygiene program, she served as a member of the UMKC School of Dentistry Honor Council. Cindy is a member of the American Dental Hygienist Association.

Why You Love Dentistry:  The interaction between the patient and dental hygienist is what makes me love this profession. The chance to meet new people each and every day, with the ability to help someone better their health and/or even slowly help patients become more comfortable coming to the dentist, is what keeps me going. It is thoroughly rewarding knowing that a patient can leave the office feeling much more confident with their smile by simply building rapport with every individual. Each patient has a different story to tell and I continue to learn and stay motivated by them.